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Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach me via the following options:

Phone/SMS/WhatsApp: +43 (0) 660/6538428
Instagram: @bensmagic
Facebook: Benjamin Sauseng
TikTok:  @bensmagic

I look forward to hear from you!

I offer the following types of magic:

-Close-up/Roaming/Table magic
-Stand-up/stage magic
-Event and trade fair magic
-Magic for special requests

(More information here: PROGRAM)

Of course, these different types can also be combined with each other at any time. The occasions include all occasions for companies or private individuals, such as Christmas parties, weddings or birthdays.

1) Initial contact: Discussion of requirements and important information
During the initial contact and your inquiry I will be happy to provide you with any information relevant to your event and discuss with you how my magic can be optimally included in your event. For this purpose I recommend a short phone call or a personal meeting where I can give you the best possible advice and tailor my magic exactly to your requirements and wishes.

2) Non-binding offer
After clarification of the circumstances, you will receive a non-binding package offer, which you can of course review at your leisure and discuss with other decision-makers.

3) Booking
If everything is right for you, both parties will confirm the booking and, if necessary, sign a joint performance agreement.

4) Contact until the performance and finalization
Until the performance itself, details can be discussed or adjusted by you at any time (e.g. location/start time etc.). I am available to you around the clock at any time. A few days before the event there will be a short phone call to finalize the performance dates and to check the details again.

5) Performance
Nothing stands in the way of my performance and your successful event. Enjoy your event and be sure, it will be remembered positively for a long time!

6) Debriefing and final exchange
After your great event follows a short debriefing (by phone/email) as well as the remaining processing of the performance (payment/exchange of photos/info/evaluations etc.).

The course of my performance is exactly according to your wishes and fits perfectly into the rest of your event program. Whether as a continuous performance or as several divided acts everything is possible and realizable. For example, I can mingle with the guests as a walking act and perform magic directly in their hands, or act as a stage act as a special interlude at your event. You decide the course of events and the type of magic – I will be responsible for the magic moments.

The time for a magic performance by me depends entirely on the wishes of the customer. From 10 minutes to 10 hours everything is possible. From experience you can calculate about 1-2 hours for smaller private parties. For larger events such as corporate events or weddings, experience shows that you can plan for about 2-3 hours or even longer. This also depends on the type of magic (stage or table magic). During a preliminary talk we can discuss very gladly the expiry and temporal framework more exactly, in order to come exactly on the requirements of your event.

I do magic for all audience sizes, with the condition that the minimum number of people is 1: I have a hard time doing magic for myself 😉
Average audience sizes are between 25 and 250 people, but there is no limit to the number of people. For larger events, if necessary, can also be worked with camera, screen and projector so that really all present guests can experience the magic in the best possible way.

The fee for a performance by me depends on the duration, the place and the type of magic (stage / table magic). For this reason, before making an offer, it makes sense to have a short conversation to discuss the individual circumstances, requirements and wishes. After that I will be happy to make you an individual offer. In general, however, you always invest in a unique event, astonished faces, top-class magic, the best entertainment, uncomplicated handling and magical moments that will remain in your memories for many years to come.

My goal is to make your event unique. I want to achieve this with upscale, high quality and unobtrusive magic. So you don’t have to worry, I know how to perfectly intergrate myself into your event without it seeming pushy or awkward. So you get the highest quality and professionalism at every level.

Ideally, please provide the following:
-Sufficient time for set-up/preparation
-Contact to at least one available contact person on site (with phone number)
-Space for preparation/changing/secure place for storage of equipment
-Parking space for the artist on site
-Electrical outlet access
-1 chair or small table
(According to consultation sound/lighting system, microphones or other stage equipment)
Most of these items are often available anyway during an event. All other needed utensils I like to bring myself. It is generally very important to me to make the whole process as uncomplicated as possible for you. Supplementary requirements/conditions are then simply made by prior arrangement in good time.

I am on the road with my magic throughout Austria and also abroad from time to time, so I am available worldwide for inquiries and performances.

My target group is mainly adults. Although I do not do performances exclusively for children (such as children’s birthday parties), I like to include them in my magic should children be in the audience at an event (eg wedding).

If you are interested in a magical event, simply contact me and I will be happy to pre-reserve your desired date (if it is still available) for you without obligation.

Honestly, that can never be said exactly. Sometimes I am booked well in advance for certain dates, but other times I have a good amount of time at short notice. Some dates are also more in demand than others, this depends for example on the wedding/Christmas season or the number of my other requests. It is best to ask me as soon as you have a date suggestion and I will pre-book your date (if possible) without obligation. Although I can’t promise to be available for every date, I always do my best to do magic for you or find a suitable alternative.

I offer my magic in German and English. If necessary, individual performances in French, Spanish or Italian are also possible.

Of course, I have specifically perfected my magic for weddings and am very happy to be available as a wedding magician for your celebration. With years of experience and performances at countless weddings, I know exactly what your celebration is all about and will entertain the guests in attendance perfectly on your big day! With unobtrusive, humorous magic of the highest quality, I easily bridge any waiting time (e.g. during the wedding couple photo shoot) and keep the mood high throughout the celebration. I will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation how you can integrate the magic as a perfect entertainment at your wedding.

I can provide my magic for any event you can think of. Corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, trade show appearances, car presentations, prison releases or your dog’s birthday – anything is possible. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and information about your event, and I will develop just the right concept for you.

Yes, I am very happy to develop my own concepts for your company. In doing so, your brand and your products will be magically integrated into my magic art and thus remain positively and long-term in the minds of your customers and employees.

Although I do most of my magic alone, I also enjoy working with colleagues for larger events.

Together, my colleague Josef Bärnthaler and I have been amazing our audience as the magic duo “Die ZauberKoffer” for 10 years. Please contact me if you need more than one magician for your event. I will gladly organize and arrange additional artists for you.

I try to make my program as diverse and varied as possible, so that there is something for every guest. Therefore, I do magic with everyday objects, cards, coins, fire, cell phones, borrowed things, but also with the thoughts of the people present. My claim for all variations: I stand for magical effects of the highest quality and with a lot of humor. Unobtrusive, uncomplicated and incredible.

I fell into a magic potion when I was 12 years old, which is now 18 years ago. After an exchange semester at Hogwarts I decided to make magic my profession.

Since I started doing magic 16 years ago, I have performed at countless corporate and private events and have thus been able to enchant several thousand people in several countries. A small excerpt of my references as well as a few reviews can be found here: References

While many start doing magic with a magic kit, my path was a little different. I saw a TV special of David Copperfield and was simply curious how his illusions worked. After a short internet research I ordered a magic book for beginners. The first effects I performed (more bad than good) for my close friends, but I realized immediately, I want to stick with it. An absolute passion and love for magic was ignited. After joining a magic club, I pursued magic more and more and was also able to finance my studies with it. After completing my master’s degree in marketing and sales management, I decided to pursue magic full-time. The rest is history and I don’t regret a single day!

Sure! Whether it’s a birthday on a smaller scale or a big party, I have the right magic for every kind of event to make your celebration an absolute highlight. Feel free to contact me for more information and to book your appointment.

Of course! As a surprise for birthday parties, corporate events or other events, magic is perfect. It brings the right WOW effect to your event, loosens the mood and simply provides a lot of fun and entertainment. I will be happy to advise you on how your magic surprise can best succeed. Just contact me for your event.

I was born and raised in Austria, more precisely in Styria. In the meantime, however, I travel all over the world for my performances.

Very gladly a personal or virtual meeting in advance is possible at any time, where I can also give you a small foretaste of my skills. Just contact me about this so that we can make an appointment for it right away.

Yes already within the first few weeks of Corona I have completely adapted my program so that I can perform my shows online as well. After more than 50 online performances I know what it means to bring magic digitally closer to the audience. Feel free to contact me to discuss a possible online performance.

No, while my main locations are Austria and the United Arab Emirates, I am still very happy to travel to other countries with my magic. Contact me in time, so that I may also magically enrich your event.

Cancellations are a pity, but can be made in writing by the client at any time. There are no cancellation fees for cancellations up to 14 days before the event. Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to the event will incur cancellation fees equal to 50% of the agreed upon performance fee. Cancellations within 7 days of the event will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the agreed performance fee. We kindly ask for your understanding. Cancellations or postponements due to unforeseeable events or force majeure (e.g. Covid19) will of course not result in cancellation fees. Basically, it is simply asked for timely contact to discuss the further procedure, then everything can be discussed.

No by no means, I try to make my performances as versatile as possible, so that there is something for everyone. Thus, in my magic you will see both card tricks, but also tricks with money, fire, borrowed objects, mental magic, etc. The only thing all tricks have in common is fun and amazement.

I learned most of my magic during an exchange semester at Hogwarts, and the rest from books, workshops, seminars, online, or by interacting with other fellow magicians.

At the current time, I do not teach magic classes. However, if you are interested, I can give you some tips and book recommendations on the subject.

No! I did not fall into a magic potion as a child, nor do I have any other psychic abilities, nor do I moonlight as a black magician. I also can’t bring back your deceased pet or predict the upcoming lottery numbers – at least not legally 😉 My magic is limited to tricks and magical effects that serve purely for entertainment, and not too scarce. It better stay that way.

In the best case well 😉

Theoretically yes, but it costs extra – the price is calculated by kilogram.

If I could do that for real, I’d probably be sitting on my private island right now, sipping cocktails 😉