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Holding a nice event doesn’t have to be enough for you. Exceed it and make it unique! I am at your side as a magician – with incredible tricks, a lot of humor and many years of experience. You will be amazed! Do not hesitate to book your magician from Dubai!

As a top Dubai magician, I take pride in being your premier choice for magician bookings. Magic shines brightest when tailored to specific occasions.

I specialize in live close-up magic, walkaround magic, roaming magic, parlor magic, and stage magic, including captivating online magic performances. In social settings, a skilled magician like me can elevate the experience, ensuring the magic’s style, content, and presentation align seamlessly with your event. Count on me for unforgettable magical moments!

Dubai is a city of culture, and the people of Graz wouldn’t have it any other way. For the city that boasts the best cafes, sports venues, theaters, restaurants and concerts in the world, it takes a special kind of magic to capture the audience’s attention. 

During your event, be it a corporate function, a private party, a wedding, a trade fair, or a gala show, as your Dubai magician, it is my job to entertain your guests without causing headaches. Even the biggest skeptics are convinced by my performances and become fans of my magic. Therefore, you can simply book me as your magician from Dubai and I will entertain the crowd while you take care of the other important things. I look forward to amaze you and your guests.

No matter what event you have in mind, as a magician from Dubai, I have plenty of years of experience and already amazed and thrilled countless people with my magic. Be it at weddings or huge corporate parties, but also at small birthday parties and festivities in a personal setting, your magician from Dubai – Ben Spade will turn your event into a memorable experience.

Often it is not so easy to decide for the right magician and you can easily be deceived by a unrealistic social media appearance or a certain website.

I am available with my incomparable skills and a transparent communication at any time for you, so that you can make your own picture of me and my magic and you are supported in their decision about an event entertainment best possible