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Product and trade fair magic

Customized product magic for your event in Dubai

Showcase your brand in a magical way

Would you like to present your company and your products in an extraordinary way?

With my specially adapted magic I will draw undivided attention to your company, to skillfully convey your “Brand message” and magically stage your products.
In this way, your brand will be particularly highlighted and anchored in the minds of your (future) customers and employees in the long term.
Whether at your trade fair stand, as part of a sales conference or at a special customer event, I will ensure that your own “magic” of your company and your products becomes visible and experienceable.
To do this, I incorporate your company into my magic presentation and create my own effects with your products.

With a master’s degree in marketing and sales management, I understand the need for a targeted communication and also have the professional competence to represent your company in the best way possible. For you, this means a long-term investment in your company’s image and an opportunity to stand out from your market competitors with a unique appearance. Address your target group in an “out of the box” way and anchor your company in the minds of your customers. I am at your side – competent, reliable and unbelievable.

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Professional Product & Trade Fair magic!

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Experience an unforgettable event with unique magical moments.

Product & Trade Fair magic insights

Your Product & Trade Fair Magician in Dubai!

Having a “nice” event doesn’t have to be enough for you. Exceed it and make it unique! I am at your side as a magician – with incredible tricks, a lot of humor and many years of experience. You will be amazed! Do not hesitate to book your magician from Dubai!

I do magic for all audience sizes, with the condition that the minimum number of people is 1: I can hardly do magic for myself 😉
Average audience sizes are between 25 and 250 people, but there is no limit to the number of people. For larger events, if necessary, I can also work with a camera, screen and projector so that really all present guests can experience the magic in the best possible way.

I’m available with my magic throughout the UAE, Austria and also other countries. Basically, I am available worldwide for requests and performances.

I offer my magic in German and English. If required, individual performances in other languages might also be possible.

No, while my main locations are Austria and the United Arab Emirates, I am still very happy to travel to other countries with my magic. Contact me in time, so that I may also magically enrich your event.

Yes, I am very happy to develop my own concepts for your company. In doing so, your brand and your products will be magically integrated into my magic art and thus remain positively and long-term in the minds of your customers and employees.

Honestly, that can never be said exactly. Sometimes I am booked well in advance for certain dates, but other times I have a good amount of time at short notice. Some dates are also more in demand than others, this depends for example on the wedding/Christmas season or the number of my other requests. It is best to ask me as soon as you have a date suggestion and I will pre-book your date (if possible) without obligation. Although I can’t promise to be available for every date, I always do my best to do magic for you or find a suitable alternative.